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Jtwine Investments Ltd.
Jtwine Investments Ltd is a major scale commercial producer of pure natural mineral water and "all natural" fresh fruit juices, pulp and other fresh fruit products in Uganda under the brand name VIDA.

Simply put Vida is a jargon from one of the Spanish dialects meaning life.
All our products are intended to sustain life and nourish the bodies of the consumers and that is why our products are extracted from fresh natural raw materials.
Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be among the top natural fruit juice/pulp producers and exporters in East Africa by 2015.

Our mission is to provide affordable, safe and hygienic beverages made from fresh natural fruits.

Our company is taking advantage of what nature has endowed Uganda, East Africa and its immediate environs with; by successfully operating the nation’s number one "all natural" fruit juice production plant whereby 100% of the processed inputs are acquired from the region. We process and sell 100% Orange, Passion, Pineapple, Mango, Apple, guava, Water melon, fruit cocktail, tomato and chili sauces.

All our products are made from the highest fresh quality supplies available. I hope you are enjoying your visit to our website. This website was designed to provide a great shopping experience as well as our own selection of great products. Please feel free to browse around.

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